Why Should We Assume that Everybody in Major League Baseball Used Steroids?

Why Should We Assume that Everybody in Major League Baseball Used Steroids?

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Obviously, the biggest news in sports right now is Alex Rodriguez and his use of steroids from 2001 to 2004. The media is running with this story as they should but what annoys me is that the fans have totally bought into the hysteria. Any time somebody mentions a good player or accomplishment from the “steroid era” someone points out “well you have to assume everybody was on steroids at the time.” No, I don’t.

I don’t need any proof that so and so didn’t use steroids to be able to say they are a great player.

That’s totally backwards from how our country is supposed to work. A person is innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent. I understand that there wasn’t testing for steroids and so far the test that Alex Rodriguez failed is anonymous so for some athletes you can make an educated guess. But there are hundreds of baseball players that there is not even educated guessing proof.

I’m not about to accuse every player that had a spike in their stats for a season. Brady Anderson breaking out for 50 home runs is better obvious, but plenty of other players in the history of baseball have just had career seasons that were abnormal. It probably happens in all walks of life. It happened to me just a few years ago. Two years ago everything was just clicking perfectly and I typed 106 words per minute that year. But last year I came back down to 87 words per minute.

Why Should We Assume that Everybody in Major League Baseball Used Steroids?

There are all kinds of bad people in the world. There are murderers, there are rapists, there are cheaters, there are liars, there are boy bands But does that mean that everybody in the world is a murderer, rapist, cheater, liar or boy band member? No. So why would I assume because some people in Major League Baseball use steroids that everybody does? Ken Griffey Jr. shouldn’t be lumped in with steroid users if there is no proof he used steroids and I shouldn’t be lumped in with boy bands if I don’t have frosted tips.

Then there is this mystery anonymous test that Alex Rodriguez failed. It amazes me that many people have pointed out that there were 104 names on that list. 104! That’s so many! But nobody has pointed out that the list is ONLY 104 people. Sure, I wish the was 104 people less than that but it’s still only 104. That isn’t anywhere close to all of Major League Baseball. I’m not completely naive (just sort of naive). I know that some players were using steroids and quit before this test was taken, but I highly doubt it was 1096, which is how many it would have to be for every player that took the test to test positive.

Maybe another 100 players used steroids but quit before the tests were taken, maybe it was another 200, maybe it was 300. But I doubt it was 1000.

Even if another 400 players were using steroids that’s 504. That’s not even half. Not that it would be okay for just half of Major League Baseball to be on steroids but the point is it’s probably closer to none than to all and if you can make the leap that everybody in Major League Baseball used steroids then you can make an easier leap to saying nobody in Major League Baseball used steroids.

So next time I mention a team, a player, a feat and somebody responds, “well how do you know they weren’t on steroids?” I’m ignoring you. I chose not to assume everybody was on steroids. I might be sad, pathetic and pessimistic but I’m not THAT sad, pathetic and pessimistic.