The Infamous Alex Rodriguez Will Answer to Steroid Use

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Can we really keep steroids out of the hands of our sports’ players? Can we really keep pot out of the hands of our athletes? I don’t know the answer to that but I can assure you that in my opinion Michael Phelps will keep smoking pot but never again in public.
Depending on where you stand politically on the matter smoking pot in one’s own home is less harmful to one’s bodies than taking steroids. On another note, if Phelps smoked pot before jumping into a pool you can be sure he won’t set any world records.

On the other hand, steroids will set world records in an unnatural way.

Not all steroids are illegal

You can walk into some vitamin stores and get variations of human growth hormones. They won’t be “as good as” injecting steroids into your muscles but they will give you a boost at the gym.

Alex Rodriguez’s love life has been in the news but now we are hearing that A-Rod tested positive for steroid use in 2003. He has to answer to these allegations and how he does will most certainly make a huge difference in the rest of his career if not his life. He is going for the home run record not to mention the reaction of his fans and whether or not he gets into the Hall of Fame. None of these is petty. These are huge to an athlete’s career. What don’t I understand about a lot of illegal activity is the egotistical view that somehow a famous person and in this case an infamous ballplayer thinks he will get away with it? What goes through his mind? That he is above the law or that he just won’t get caught and as long as he doesn’t get caught it’s alright. More information here.

Is it alright that Michael Phelps’ fans, for example, a young swimmer goes home crying when she hears the news? Is it alright when an aspiring ballplayer figure he should be using steroids also?

Andy Pettitte admitted to using some type of enhancement. Roger Clemens denied it. Mark McGwire refused to discuss it. Does he sort of admit it as Giambi did?

Do we feel sorry for him that the former Yankees Manager, Joe Torres called him A-Fraud in his book or the New York tabloid papers are screaming A-Roid? I don’t feel sorry for him. He gets an absorb amount of money. He’s getting more money to play a game than most people would earn in several lifetimes. Well, maybe that’s what pushes an athlete to do more, to do better and better and better until he’s caught.

In my opinion, he should give his salary from 2003 on to a children’s charity. That might stop others from altering a game that people pay way too much to see at least in New York and Boston.

We haven’t heard from Mr Alex since Sports Illustrated reported Saturday that he is on a list of 104 players who tested positive in 2003. This was reported on their website. To be specific SP said that Rodriquez tested positive for Primobolan and testosterone.