Steroids – Cheating And Bad Name For Sport

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Today, sports are about teamsĀ or individuals fighting it out to win a game. A couple of years ago, it was whoever worked out the hardest and practised the hardest would become the victor. In today’s world, that work out program can be cut in half by simply using steroids. For most of you that do not know what steroids are, they are basically a number of natural or synthetic substances that regulate body function, in simpler terms it makes you gain muscle much faster than working out and practising alone. In most physical sports, steroids are being used a lot because the players want to be stronger than everybody else in the shortest amount of time. It has been reported that people who play sports like football, rugby and baseball, which have a lot to do with physical movement, are more likely to use steroids because these sports have to do with the amount of muscle your body has.

Usage of Steroids is that it is basically cheating

The reason why I think that the usage of Steroids is cheating is that you are taking the shortcut to working out and practising and that is not fair to other players. There has been reports on Barry Bonds the second All-Time hitter in baseball today that he was on steroids because when he started hitting all of those home runs he weighed around 180 pounds, when the press started to write on how they think that he is on Steroids, his body weight went straight up to 250 pounds which in Baseball is a significant gain of weight. There have been many other accusations of the usage of Steroids today in every sport. In most sports, the usage of Steroids will get you banned from the sport because the “Bosses” believe that it is cheating.

The second reason is why I believe that the use of steroids is bad is because you are giving that sport a bad name. The way you are giving the sport a bad name is that there have been many people in the NFL to be accused of using Steroids because if you have a size advantage over most people than you are guaranteed to be the better player. In which Football is a sport where you need your body to be as big as it can, so you have an advantage in the game. When people watch the NFL teams play on television and they see these guys that were second string 200-pound guys last year and this year they are the first string with 250 pounds muscle. This will cause the public to automatically see that this guy has been using steroids. Now every time they see a person that has improved their body in a short period of time they will think that he did some steroids, which is giving the sport a bad name.steroids-fans

Steroids – A bad Name For Sport

The third reason why I believe that the usage of Steroids is bad is because you are encouraging other people to use them. If you were a person like Shaquille O’Neal and the NBA found out that you were using Steroids. Then other people will start using Steroids because in today’s world Shaq is role model to lots of little kids because of the great things he does and for him to start using Steroids will bring a negative response to little kids. This will make kids believe that Steroids are good because if a person like Shaq used them, then they must be good.

To sum up, using steroids will ruin your whole life. Even though it has been doing good for you in the past couple of years, in the long run all of the circumstances will come into effect. One is that you are risking your job because most people who use steroids play a sport and that is there job. Second, you are ruining your bodies function because Steroids are proven to reduced muscle size in certain places of the body, and third of all the American public will think that you have never worked out and practised the way you should have