New MLB Steroid Allegations

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Just when the MLB season gets into full swing and people have finally stopped talking about the A-Rod steroid situation, which gave the sport a black-eye as of late.

Now new allegations of A-Rod using steroids hit the news and rock MLB. Alex is currently rehabbing from hip surgery that he underwent in early March. A-Rod says that he plans on returning to the Yankee line-up by mid may. A new book, by Selena Roberts, reveals these new stories, and she says that there is undeniable evidence that will prove that Alex not only used steroids during his high school days but that he also used more recently while playing with the Yankees. The book states that in high school, over a 6 month period, Alex gained 20-25 pounds of pure muscle and went from bench-pressing 100 pounds to around 300 pounds. If this is true, then no doubt MLB will want to sit down with him, and more then likely try to work out some kind of punishment for his lies. In another allegation, Selena says that A-Rod is guilty of “pitch-tipping” while he played with the Rangers. “Pitch-tipping” is a particularly dirty tactic in which a defensive player tips off the opposing team’s batter which pitch is coming in hopes to get that favour returned to him later in the game or the next time the teams meet. If this is proven to be true, then i don’t think that anyone could trust Alex, especially his teammates. If a person would sell out his team to help improve his own stats, that in my opinion, would be the ultimate show in selfishness.

Using steroids to improve a players performance is one thing, but intentionally helping opposing players to gain a personal advantage is downright the dirtiest thing a player could do.

As of right now, there isn’t any confirmation to any of these stories. Of course, A-Rod had no comment when asked about the content or the truth of these stories. On a related A-Rod side note, he may return to the Yankee lineup as early as Friday, May 8th.

Aside from these negative stories, MLB is having another wonderful season. Unlikely teams are pushing for great seasons, like the Royals,Blue Jays, and the Mariners from the AL, and the Marlins, Brewers and the Braves from the NL. The Yankees are learning that just because you have the most money, doesn’t always mean that you can buy the best team. Also, the Yankees’ new stadium is basically an overpriced whiffle-ball park. The short fences are a hitter’s dream and the number of home runs already hit in that place is astronomical. Despite all the long-balls, the seats are empty. Even though they were recently reduced, to put it simply, the new Yankee Stadium ticket prices are nothing short of ludicrous.

The American League has its share of shakeups, the Rays are looking to repeat last years playoff push despite their current losing record. The Rays young pitching will pull them through, that team is talented and will not have a losing record for long. Boston is leading the AL East, and their current domination looks to be real this year. You can never count out a team that is as stacked as the Yankees, but I don’t think they will be a serious contender in the east this year. The AL central is being led by the Royals, that right the Royals. Detroit and the White Sox are close behind, with the Twins and the Indians struggling. Ken Griffey Jr. and the Mariners are on top of the AL West right now, which is amazing. It’s almost like Griffey has found the fountain of youth in Seattle, although he will never be the dynamic player he once was. Griffey will only DH, but it is no doubt that his experience and age will help that young team.

The National League is also proving to be full of intriguing stories as well. That other New York team, the Mets are also breaking in a new ballpark.

steroids-baseball-a-rodManny is being Manny, and by that I mean, leading his team to the top of NL’s west division. The Florida Marlins are stunningly first in the NL East, which is also seeing a comeback for the Atlanta Braves, who have reloaded with lots of young talent. I think the Braves will be back into the postseason in no time. The Phillies are gearing up for another World Series run, while the Mets and Nationals try not to slip completely out of the standings all together. The NL central is rather close with several teams playing very well. The Cardinals are leading the division, with the Brewers currently a few games back. The Reds and Pirates are having good seasons, whereas the Cubs and the Astros are pulling up the rear in the central.

All of these early season stories have made for a very interesting MLB season. In my opinion, the steroid stories will take a back-seat, amid the amazing plays and edge of your seat moments. From the underdogs to the powerhouses, it remains to be seen which teams will hold up under the pressure of an entire MLB season. The All-Star game is still a couple of months away, which marks the half-way point of the season. With all of these early season heroics, I am already looking forward to the MLB playoffs.