Mark McDwire and Steroids

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We all have seen the headlines “McGwire Admits to Steroid Use” and some are even surprised that it is true. These same surprised people were not so surprised when the subject of steroid use was Barry Bonds. Major League Baseball is multi-million dollar organization and I find it quite hard to swallow that the organization, as well as members of the Players Union, were not aware of who was using steroids.
The question now being asked is why now? Some have said that McGwire wishes to get into the Hall of Fame and not face constant questions by taking the hitting coaches job in St. Louis. I can’t argue with that, they both seem like good enough reasons to come clean right now. I would just like to add another possible reason.

Mark McDwire is trying to get into heaven. Strange concept? No not really. You see, we all live our lives fighting to get all that we can in the beginning. We use anyone and anything to achieve that plateau from where we see ourselves. We find excuses that will help us justify getting there at any cost. What we later come to realize is the very thing we knew at the beginning. What we do in the dark will come to the light. As we age and our indestructible nature fades, we learn our mortality. We then began to search our memory for all those times we had the opportunity to do the right thing and didn’t. As we find these memories, we often times attempt to make right that which we wronged. Our thinking is one day the horn of home will sound for each of us and when that happens we must be ready. The houses, the cars and the jewelry is not as important to us anymore as being allowed to enter those pearly gates when that horn sounds. We now rush to build our legacy by which we hope to be remembered.

The really sad part of all this is, this rush was totally unnecessary. All we really had to do was do what was right at the beginning. Simple but true. Jose Canseco admitted to steroid use but the mistake he made was trying to bring down others with him. There have been others who have stepped up and stepped out without trying to bring down the entire establishment. Those who choose to take responsibility for their shortcomings without sinking the whole ship, their legacy will be remembered.

Mark McGwire has proven time and again that he is a good man and that his heart is true. Whether he makes it into the Hall of Fame because of his admission to steroid use, I don’t know but I would not bet against him making it through those pearly gates when the come home horn is sounded.