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Major League Steroid Usage

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I’m sad to say that the sport that I and others enjoy so much contains a large group of “cheaters.” Manny Ramirez is just another so-called victim of the steroid era.

Bud Selig has been saying that the steroid era is over but as evidence in the past few months we all know this is not true. It started with A-Rod and now is on Manny and nobody knows who is going to be next to be revealed. All I know is that this is not all on the players, steroids were never exposed as a bad thing until the beginning of the millennium. This is evident just by the home run race that Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa excited fans back in 1998. That home run race between the two noticeable mammoth men was the main reason baseball’s ratings went back up after the damaging strike of 1994. Even when steroids was starting to be a well-known factor we still saw the effects in 2001 when Barry Bonds exceeded what Mark McGuire did three years earlier. These players are all similar, they are all similar in stature and all of them are accused of using steroids.

I love seeing home runs, especially when it’s my team is hitting them. The home run ball has become vital the past few 20 years in baseball.

Its what made the fans come to the stands and now it is speculated every time one is hit. If anyone thinks that this mess started with Jose Canseco that’ a joke in itself. Yes, Jose is the poster boy for steroids and to fellow former players the leaker of information of whom was involved but I’m happy he’s doing it. This hopefully teaches the up and comers that cheating to get ahead is not only wrong but won’t be tolerated.

Steroids were thought against since the 80’s but no one ever made it an issue. The truth is that steroids didn’t just happen, the truth is this has been going for as far as some can remember. I saw an interview a few months back on HBO with HOF’s Willie Mays and Hank Aaron. In the interview, Tom Costos mention the issue of steroids, though I don’t remember everything that was said I do remember the conversation moving to the fact that some players during their time were not using the steroids we know today but animal steroids like horse and cattle steroids. So it comes to this we will never know all who used or even exactly when but steroids, for the most part, has always been a factor in sports.

Why is steroids so haunted over in baseball and not so much in other sports?

Well as we all know baseball is a sport of statistics and anything that can enhance those stats is look as lying. But cheating has always been in baseball if it was steroids, tar bats, or even spit pitches. This doesn’t mean that cheating is alright but baseball can now attempt to control it. I have to mention that with all these players I have said, none have been convicted of using only speculated. So I end it with this: who is going to be revealed next?