How Will Justice Prevail for Barry Bonds?

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The former San Francisco Giants Home Run King has pled not guilty to the 15 felony charges that could land him many years in jail if convicted of lying to a federal grand jury.

This is where the true story begins-and the drama continues on into a new year.
There is an odd reality for Barry Bonds-his defence has stated that he has never known of or indulged in the activity of using any form of steroids.

And although Barry Bonds has taken many steroid drug tests-none of them has come up with positive results of these allegations.

In our many lands of laws and procedures concerning the law, every citizen has the right to counsel and defend their integrity until proven guilty by facts and not hear-say.

The most disturbing fact about the steroid allegation and the BALKO travesty is the inaccuracies and ghost-like testimonies from people that claim they have seen Barry using an illegal substance.

Bonds have pleaded not guilty to similar charges and accusations in December, but a judge ordered the indictment to be immediately rewritten. This new indictment will not include any new allegations or findings in this case.

The Home Run King was re-arraigned on Friday from the previous 15 felony counts of lying under oath.

And this is where the troubles have compounded for Barry Bonds, the prosecutors claim that he lied when his testimony was under scrutiny from his grand jury investigation. During his grand jury trial, he told the jury that he had no knowledge of using steroids from the Bay Area Laboratory C0-Operative in 2003.

I do have some empathy for Barry Bonds and what he and his family are going through and the tremendous strain for the search for truth.

A trial date will be set after Bonds attendance at a status conference concludes next week; the pretension of this case will remain in the headlines until it comes to a close next year.

At the present Barry Bonds career and popularity has taken a severe dive, it is a shame that he has been used as a poster-child for the steroid debacle. Bonds legal team will defend their client and abide by the law and court, only time and facts will give the fans of Barry some permanent relief and ending resolve.