Floyd Landis, Not Guilty After All?

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The Truth?
American Floyd Landis won the Tour De France in July, only to have it stripped away by testing positive for illegal steroid use. He has since, lost his ride, his sponsor deals, and most importantly, his reputation.

Throughout all of this, he has proclaimed himself innocent and that the French Laboratory made continuous mistakes that caused these findings.

The truth? No one knows. We may never know. It’s almost as if the way the media shuffles the testimonies and words of others, that it is hard to depict what is real and what is not.

Landis, Boosting His Case

With everything to date, it has looked as if Landis was GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY, but new evidence confirmed may make us believe he was telling the truth all along.

A report in a French paper suggested that the second test that Landis took to clear him, that turned disastrous, was mislabeled. Which is to believe that if your number is labelled on someone else’s sample it would hinder the results through the process.

French Laboratory

How is it possible that this news could get out into the open? Well, it is believed by the World Anti-Doping Agency that hackers illegally tapped into the system to find this and that the evidence may not be accurate in court. They believe people are breaking the law.

On the flip side of that, Landis has also accused the lab of breaking confidentiality agreements along with the mistakes.

The End Result

So who’s lying? Who’s Not? It doesn’t seem we are much farther along than before. Except that there are new evidence that has people wondering what the truth really is.

Unfortunately for Floyd Landis, scrutiny has taken its toll in a world obsessed with athletes using performance-enhancing drugs. No matter if the claim turns out to be real, or false, the end result is that many will still believe Landis to be guilty and that lawyers and money paved the way to his innocence.

Anyway, you look at it whether true or not, his reputation has been hindered for the rest of his life.