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Cleveland’s Lebron Suspended for Steroids…But It’s Not What You Think

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It was announced today that a professional athlete named Lebron from a Cleveland professional sports team has tested positive for steroids and has been suspended for fifty games. It appears that the rumour is true, but it’s not what you think.
The Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James is set to become the biggest free agent in the history of the NBA. He is generally held up as the best player in the game. His name, along with basketball players in general, has never been raised in conjunction with steroids.

A far lesser known LeBron, however, this one named Steven Lebron, who is a catcher in the Cleveland Indians’ minor league system, today was suspended for testing positive for steroids.

Even the most die-hard Cleveland Indians fan is likely to shrug off the news that this Lebron test positive for steroids. A steroid suspension for the ‘other’ LeBron…LeBron James…would have been devastating to the city of Cleveland and the NBA in general.

What is interesting in this revelation, and the reaction to it is the fact that the NBA has largely escaped steroids rumours that have plagued Major League Baseball and the National Football League.

The NBA tests its players randomly four times a year. As with the NFL and Major League Baseball, the NBA does not test for human growth hormone, however.

Last year, Rashard Lewis was suspended for ten games for a positive test, but any problem the NBA might have does not come close to the controversy surrounding Major League Baseball, even though many speculate that every sport, including the NBA, might have a steroid problem.

Even with a cleaner image when it comes to steroids and performance-enhancing drugs, the gap between the two biggest sports in the country, the NFL and Major League Baseball, and the third most popular sport has widened considerably in recent years.

In many ways, LeBron James represents the best the league has to offer today and for the future, as he is only 26. If today’s news had been about him testing positive for steroids and not about an obscure catcher doing so, the league would have been devastated.

Thankfully, the league and its fans can chalk this steroids story up to a simple coincidence involving LeBron James, Steven Lebron and the city of Cleveland.

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