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Carwin Vs. Steroids: Shane’s Next Big Fight

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The news that UFC heavyweight star Shane Carwin was named by a prosecutor as one of 22 athletes who received steroids from an Alabama doctor was surprising to some; now the Carwin vs. steroid allegations saga will begin.

Carwin has yet to respond via his Twitter account or in public to the accusations but and it’s not known when and/or if he will respond soon.

Recall that Carwin was just a word or two from the referee away from stopping Brock Lesnar as he had Lesnar in the fetal position while pummeling him with strikes at UFC 116. The full-time engineer and fighter were almost on top of the world.

Now, he has serious allegations to respond to and he doesn’t have a fight lined up either which means that things have taken a drastic potential turn from the worse for Carwin.

The Carwin vs. steroids allegation saga probably won’t go away for a long time. Carwin is seen as a stand-up guy by many so now the question becomes whether or not he will deny the steroid claims.

If he does, many people will support him likely, although his physique is so large and chiselled that many others won’t believe him.

There’s also a chance that Carwin just might admit to using the drugs as the allegations go back a few years and many will forgive him if he did indeed take them. Note that people still hold a grudge against certain athletes who used them in the past and continued to deny taking them such as Rafael Palmeiro in baseball. But a guy like Andy Pettite of the Yankees who came clean about steroid use has gone on to have a good career and seemingly is in decent standing with the fans after all these years still.

Many are wondering how the Carwin vs. steroids saga will end and we’ll get some more clues when Carwin finally speaks; he’s usually a stand-up, forthright guy wih the media so pay close attention because this case is about to get interesting in a hurry.